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Architects of Eternity

Hello, and welcome to the web site of Richard Corfield, scientist and science writer. Here you will find details of my recent book The Silent Landscape as well as my first book Architects of Eternity. You'll also find details of events such as lectures, radio broadcasts and TV appearances. You can also find reviews of my books on this site. I have also included a page entitled Research Cuts where recent articles and extracts from my books are showcased. One of these days I may even work up the nerve to include some of my short stories there! If you are interested in my science check out my science. There's more detail about my life and work in the biography page and in my occasional column The Moving Finger.

The picture at above left was taken last summer when I and my family - Julie, Jess and Susie - visited Gubbio, the world famous (well, to geologists anyway!) town in Italy close to the Bottaccione Gorge. That's Susie with me. Why is the Bottaccione Gorge famous? Well just down the hill from this rather fine bar is the K/T boundary, one of the few places in the world where you can see the geological horizon where the dinosaurs became extinct.


And here's me doing the splits across the boundary itself. On the right side of the picture (i.e. under my left foot) is the latest part of the Cretaceous, on the left side of the picture (my right foot) is the beginning of the Cenozoic - the age of mammals! Ouch - the things I do for science - and in cowboy boots too...!

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