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"… Here's a rip-roaring trip through Deep Time with a fossil whizz... If I was editor of FHM, GQ or Esquire and needed a palaeontology correspondent, I'd try to get Richard Corfield.…"
New Scientist

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"…This is an authoritative book on its subject - comprehensive, witty and accessible without an over-subservience to popularism. Highly recommended reading on science…"
Word on Books

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"…Fossil hunters have a new star in Richard Corfield…"
Oxford Times

"…You are in for a fast-paced ride through "deep time"... The book is popular paleontology at its best…"
American Association of Petroleum Geologist's Bulletin

"…The word paleontology suggests either dusty museum cabinets or Jurassic Park. The reality between such extremes is explored in this accessible overview of the subject's recent history... the fascinating science speaks for itself..."
Scotland on Sunday

"…Richard Corfield, a Research Associate in the Department of Earth Sciences, tells the story of palaeontology from the early days of the Victorian pioneers to the vanguard of research into ancient DNA... But Corfield delights in the human side too, and his tale is peopled with heroes (and villains) fired by an everyday mixture of lofty ambition and personal rivalry…"
Oxford Today

"… At the forefront of palaeontological innovation, Richard Corfield discusses a history of early palaeontologists, as well as the state-of-the-art science that affects the way we see the world and its history…"

"…Richard Corfield certainly knows his stuff…"
Middlesbrough Evening Gazette

"As in the best of thrillers, the pace quickens dramatically through to the final pages…"
Hampstead and Highgate Express

"Splendidly readable history of fossil science and fossilists"



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