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The Silent Landscape is my new book that recounts the voyage of HMS Challenger and tells the story of the science that the expedition encountered.

Challenger departed the British naval port of Portsmouth in December 1872 and travelled 68,690 miles in pursuit of knowledge about the sea floor. It was an epic achievement and founded the sciences of marine geology and oceanography.

The Silent Landscape has twelve chapters that together cover the course of the voyage, telling the story of the people on board as well as examining the science that Challenger discovered. Where Challenger's scientists missed something - either because their technology was too primitive or because they did not yet have the necessary scientific background to know what to look for - I have included some extra discussion so that you have a properly rounded picture of the science of the sea floor!

There are many more images from the Challenger Expedition than we could include in the print version of the book so this series of web pages is designed to augment your enjoyment of the book with additional images keyed into the twelve chapters.

The chapters are:


1. Threshold of the Deep

2. The Desert under the Sea

3. The Restless Earth

4. Kingdoms of Mud and Lime

5. Climate Triggers and Bermudan Secrets

6. Kelp and Cold Light

7. The Library of Time

8. The Grim Latitudes

9. The Lost World

10. The Echoes of Evolution

11. The Groaning Planet

12. Dreams of Big Science


Here's the map of Challenger's epic journey, taken from my book...

Challenger's epic journey

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